BRNC Reunion Committee Flagship                                                 Jul 2019
Operational aim of the Weekend:  To renew old acquaintances, spin dits, hold stomachs in for 48 hours and reminisce over a glass or two. 
Friday 18 Sep         Modified Friday Reunion Routine
                                      Reunion attendees travel independently as required
                                    NOTE - No antique bus will collect you at Totnes Station
                                    All computer systems down for maintenance
                                     Extended Weekend Leave Granted to all but duty watch

                                    All Pink Chits to have been approved by CINCNAGHOME
First/ Last Dog           Pub Acquaint Visits (Various)

Evening A/R               Informal Supper - Venue to be decided
Saturday 19  Sep    Saturday Reunion Routine
                                      Reunion Day
                                    All to be in the right rig, at the right time and in the right                       place  - and the 5 Minute rule is of course in force.
0530                            EMAs (Yeah, right)
0707                            Sunrise(ish)
0800                           Colours (ish)
0900                           Call the Hands (ish)
1000                            Rounds of B&B Heads and Bathrooms – Duty Mid
1030                            All Divisions turn to for Reunion Activites 

Reunion Dinner
1830 – 1945                Timings and events to be confirmed.

Sunday 20 Sep      Sunday Reunion Recovery Routine
                                     Recovery and Departure Day -

There will again be a planned pub lunch/exercise debrief  followed by dispersal and dog watch siestas.

This Longcast will eventually turn into a Shortcast and will of course be populated in full detail as the weekend takes shape.