BRNC Reunion Committee Flagship                                                 Sep 15
Operational aim of the Weekend:  To renew old acquaintances, spin dits, hold stomachs in for 48 hours and reminisce over a glass or two. 
Friday 25 Sep         Modified Friday Reunion Routine
                                      Reunion attendees travel
                                    Reunion CB Account Muster
                                    All computer systems down for maintenance
                                    All Pink Chits to have been approved by CINCNAGHOME
0705                            Sunrise
0800                           Colours
1600-1800                 First Dog Watch Rule of the Road Revision (independent).
1830                             Sharp’ners serial commences in Dartmouth Arms (in main bar/outside
                                      if weather is good).  Rig: Smart Casual (no grey shoes but 'The Devil's
                                      Cloth' (denim) has been approved).
2000-2300                Dinner in Café Alf Resco (33 signed up so far)
                                      (Note – only cash accepted)
1906                             Sunset
2300-A/R                   Cleansing Ales tbc
A/R                               Pipe Down/early night!
Saturday 26 Sep    Saturday Reunion Routine
                                      Reunion Day
                                    All mess shoes to be bulled and task books completed
0330                            EMAs (independent)
0707                            Sunrise
0800                           Colours
0900                           Call the Hands
1000                            Rounds of Heads and Bathrooms – Duty Mid
1030                            All Divisions turn to for pre-Dinner activities
1000(tbc)                    Sailors muster at Royal Dart Yacht Club (RDYC) in Kingswear. Take the
                                      Lower Ferry or Passenger Ferry over from Dartmouth.  Come off the
                                      Ferry and turn right past the post office and follow your nose to RDYC.
                                      Rig: Sailing attire (please bring lifejackets and foulies if you have
1330                            Sailors return alongside for beer and sandwiches
                                     NB money for sarnies and a contribution to gift to the skippers
1000                            All golfers to have made their own way to Dartmouth Golf and Country
                                     Club for pre-round refreshments in the Club House. Rig: golfing attire
                                     plus a suitable selection of golf sticks for 18 holes (Mid Sterriker is
                                     ’85 Golf Captain and has arranged the event and even buggies for the
                                     older members)
1030-1050                 Tee times booked. Players to decide rules and forfeits
College Tour
1100 (tbc)                   Muster at Guardhouse of BRNC. Rig: Smart Casual (Bring photo ID).
Parade Drill
1715                               Muster on Parade Ground (muster point tbc).  Rig: Black Tie.
1730 – 1830                Drill
Reunion Dinner
1830 – 1945                Pre-Dinner reception on the Quarter-deck, BRNC.  Rig: Black Tie
                                      (stiff fronted shirt optional if you have a spare hour or 2…or you are
                                      Soapy Watson).

1930                             RM Corps of Drums Beat Retreat

2000 - 2230               Reunion Dinner to be served in the Senior Gunroom, BRNC.  Musical
                                      accompaniment from BRNC Volunteer Band

1904                             Sunset

2230-0045                 Cash Bar available in the Wardroom
0100                            Carriages back to your cabins (independent)
A/R                              Night caps (independent)

Sunday 27 Sep      Sunday Reunion Recovery Routine
                                     Recovery and Departure Day
0200                            Pipe Down
0708                            Sunrise
0800                            Colours
0945                          Church goers to muster at BRNC Guardhouse
1000                             Church. Rig: Dogrobbers
1030                             Post Church coffee on Quarterdeck
1110                              Call the Hands (for non Church goers)
1145                           All lunch attendees travelling by ferry to muster at Station
                                    Cafe on the Riverfront opposite the Boat Float
                                    (small inner harbour).

1200                            River Ferry Departs to Dittisham.  SSDCUADCS3CY.
1300                            Curry Lunch in the Ferry Boat Inn, Dittisham. 
                                     Rig: Smart Casual (£11/head)
1500                            Secure - PIAWPOs
1901                             Sunset
2000                           Upload censored photos to Reunion website
2030                           Pipe Down.