3 Jun 2020

Do you hear there.... 

We are sorry to bring you the disappointing news that the Reunion this year has been postponed and we have all, in effect, been “Back Termed”. 

Let’s face it, it is hardly unexpected news given our collective record at BRNC of slack and piecemeal compliance with good order and naval discipline, a failure to follow rules in general and a concerted lack of effort all round!  BUFFS!

In all seriousness, we have had a discussion with the college this past week and there is still just too much uncertainty on what they will be able to offer us and how much the rules on social gatherings, social distancing and travel will still be in operation.  Also, for those who have not heard already, the Senior Gunroom ceiling is (like most of Blake Division) adrift from the rest of the fabric of the College, so it is currently out of commission. This would mean relocating our mess dinner to the Wardroom and the current Commander is, understandably, not keen to take on too many functions which would mean his members are excluded from their own mess.  It also means a fairly significant reduction too in the numbers they can cater for, certainly nowhere near the 100 we were hoping for.

So, all in all, now seems like the logical time to make our decision given we only 3 have months to run.  Those who have already booked accommodation can decide what they wish to do, you may want to wait it out and some suggested having a quieter weekend in Dartmouth!  If people want to take a chance on the weekend and hold their own smaller informal gatherings, then please do carry on.  There will be no central support or official liaison with the College and so it will be very much a case of “acting independently”.  If it helps with your decision making, we know too that the Dartmouth Regatta this year (late August) has  been cancelled too. This is perhaps a measure of the uncertainty about the town and facilities being able to open for business and cope with an influx of visitors.  Bars, hotels, self-catering accommodation, restaurants etc are unlikely to be operating at anything approaching pre-lockdown normality - in our view a nyway.

Fear not!  For we have already pencilled in a couple of weekends with the College for a potential 2021 35th (+1) Reunion Rescrub – these are the 17-19 September and 15-17 October – dinner in the college being the focus of the weekend on the Saturday evening.  As soon as we know either way, we will of course let you all know.

The website will remain up and running for the duration, so we will continue to add news items  as and when appropriate. Please do feel free to update the content with your own dits, news etc.

We hope everyone from the BRNC 85 community continues to keep well and safe and we look forward to reconvening the existing Committee (volunteers, one pace forward, march!) sometime later in the year.

One Year to Run - On Track By Headmark

If you have not recieved an email today (22 Sep) then it probably means we don't have up to date contact details for you on the system. 

As the countdown commences for next years' event, please keep up to date by visiting the website and contacting the Flagship with any updates, suggestions or additional contact details for anyone not in direct comms with the Flasghip.

34 Years this week the September 85 contingent arrived on the parade ground. Anyone fancy a pint up at the NAAFI Pavilion Bar to celebrate?

The Flagship

051700ZAug 2019


Two months since the original Testing Comms broadcast was sent out and we have had 45 responses.  It's good, but we can do better.

We will be sending out another reminder, having made a fair few amendments to the contact data base, but again please prompt former shipmates and spread the word. 

In the meantime we have been updating the Website to reflect the 2020 plans. This has included a refresh of the College Lingo page. If you spot that there are words/phrases that you fondly (?) recall from your first term and which have not been included, please let us know. We are happy to accept contributions.

The Flagship
231545Z Jul 2019

We have now succesfully tested the comms set up and thanks to those who have replied.

If you have not already done so, please let us know your current email address and/or respond to the initial "Testing Comms" email.

Please do pass on the email to anyone you know from our era who may not have been able to attend the previous reunions and who will not therefore be on our contact list.


The Flagship