September 24, 2022
2 months and 22 days left
until our reunion.

Three Months to run, on track by headmark.  24 September 2022. 

Our latest Blog Update - 24 June 2022

Welcome to the BRNC85 website, where we try and keep in touch with all those who attended Britannia Royal Naval College during 1985 and in particular those who joined on 18 September 1985. We hope you find something to stir those memories and rekindle some contacts from all those years ago..... it just seems like yesterday.

We are on course to hold our delayed 35th (well 37th if you insist) reunion on 24 September 2022. There is now a Longcast on the Site detailing activities and we have today emailed all those who have responded and can make some or all of our 37th Reunion. 

We will continue keep everyone informed via our Main Broadcast Emails and the Midshipman's Blog section of the website. Check back when you can and keep in touch.

We are all looking forward to catching up in only 3 months time.   Start bulling those shoes.......

Yours Aye,

Keith Broughton
Tony Carruthers 
Neil Grice 
Kev Hood

Wardroom Mess Treasurer
Wiggy Bennett


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