September 19, 2020
6 months and 25 days left
until our reunion.

2020 Planning Starts Here!

The date for our 35th Reunion has been confirmed by the College so it is time to start planning your personal Longcast. It's the weekend of 19 September 2020. 

The planning team has been refreshed (mine's half a lager tops) and will be working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure we all enjoy another cracking weekend of endless dit spinning, socialising and relevant OUT activities bearing in mind we are now 35 years older then we were in 1985. 

Please use all your social and business networks to drum up support for the event and see if we can beat the turn out from 2015.

Any general updates to the contact list take the form of a "Main Broadcast" email from the Flagship account and will be followed up with an update on the "Midshipman's Blog" page on this site......keep a listening watch.......over.

Your Reunion Planning Committee (RPC - now that's surely one TLA we all recall?) for 2020 is;

Keith Broughton
Tony Carruthers 
Neil Grice 
Kev Hood

Wardroom Mess Treasurer (Back by popular demand)
Wiggy Bennett

Stand By !


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